x100t vs Pixel 2

Fujifilm X100t Versus…Pixel 2?

I replaced my Fujifilm X100t with the Google Pixel 2 camera, and I haven’t missed a beat.

Let me start by saying that this post is not a “Pixel 2 camera is better than a X100t” post. I understand that you really can’t compare two different devices.

I suppose a more appropriate way to describe this post is how the “Pixel 2 camera was able to replace my X100t.”

I absolutely loved my Fujifilm X100t. I loved the look, the feel, the images it produced, and most importantly I loved how it made me feel carrying it around.

As a self-proclaimed photography-junkie it was an amazing camera to have. And back when I saw myself as a closet hipster, pulling out such a retro and Leica-esque camera made me feel infinitely cooler than the giant lens and lens carrying dude.

Fujifilm X100t
Cool Hipster
Generic Camera Nerd

So why did I get rid of the camera?


Life Changes

Like all things in life, situations and circumstances change.

I became a Dad, and my hobbies shifted along with my priorities.

Gone were the days where I would roam the city streets taking candid street shots of people and places. My new photography pursuit was chasing around a baby, or staging monthly shots of my growing toddler.

Because of this shift in lifestyle, the X100t became less compatible with the type of photos I took.

As much as I loved my X100t, there were some areas that just didn’t cut it for me anymore for the photos that I needed to take. I’ll spare the details — as you can read it here in a previous post — but it occurred to me that now was the best time to make a drastic decision.

From a financial standpoint (and that’s something I try to consider now as a dad), it was a great time to part with the X100t. With the X100f out for a while now, every day I held onto the X100t was another day it lost it’s value.

Google Pixel 2
The New Kid On The Block –Taken with a Canon 6D

Why the Pixel 2?

Back in October, I was due for a cell phone upgrade. While my Note 5 served me well for the past two years both as a quick camera and daughter doodling tool, I was in the market for a new phone.

With the Pixel 2 being touted as having highest rated score for a smartphone camera, it got me thinking whether or not it was possible to replace my X100t.

Why hey google, how do you do?

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Obviously there are differences when comparing a $1300 compact camera to a $1000 smartphone.

But looking at the total package, I really felt I was onto something with making this choice. Keeping in mind this is a dad blog, and all of my choices and decisions tend to circle back to being a dad/parent, here are the key things that I look for in a camera:

Must haves:

  • Good image quality
  • Compact and versatile
  • Capable video

Nice to haves:

  • Ability to quickly share and upload to social media
  • High capacity storage
  • Mobility

All of these factors above were satisfied by the FujiFilm, however, one thing that presented an issue was mobility.

Yes, the X100t was compact compared to other cameras, but what I needed was something that could easily be put away as I’m chasing down my toddler around a restaurant. With a phone, this made it possible and with the Pixel 2, I felt I wouldn’t have to compromise too much photo quality for this much needed mobility.

On the topic of image quality, take the following similar shot for example: Can you tell which one is which?

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Which one looks better? Or the better question, do they look close enough?

Which photo stands out more?

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Last Thoughts

Since the advancement of smartphone cameras over the past 3-4 years, there’s plenty of debate over whether we need DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

While I’m no expert, I can say that the smartphone camera has at least solidified it’s case for being “good enough” in almost any photography situation.

For everyday use, smartphone cameras now go even beyond just good enough and do a fantastic job in capturing images. For me personally, the everyday images were the ones that I was capturing with the Fujifilm, however, having to carry the X100t, as well as all the other junk that I carried became more of a chore.

Seriously, look into any diaper bag and you’ll see it bursting with things you didn’t know were essential. Adding a dedicated camera (albeit a relatively small one) was just didn’t make practical sense as a parent.


At the time of writing this, I have had the Pixel 2 for three months and have used it daily for most of my photography related activities. I still have a Canon 6D for professional work, but otherwise the Pixel 2 has been my go to camera for pretty much everything.

And while I can go on and share my inner dialogue of whether or not the Pixel 2 fills the x100t void, I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

One final thing I would say is this: the fact that I have a capable camera so easily accessible, I’ve been encouraged to take even more photos than before.

Previously with the X100t, I almost felt guilty that I was wasting the camera by not bringing it out to take pictures. Since having a daughter, almost half of the time the FujiFilm just sat inside the diaper bag, simply because I was too busy to take it out.

Again, I understand that the at the end of the day the image quality on the Pixel 2 is no match for the X100t, but factoring everything: being just good enough is still pretty darn great for a camera phone.



Here are my favourite straight out of the phone Pixel 2 shots from the past few months:



If you’ve enjoyed this post, I’d loved to hear from you! If you have any questions regarding the Pixel 2 or the X100t, please feel free to comment below or connect with me on Instagram.


Dear Me From Two Years Ago

Well hello Ingus from two years ago, how do you do?


It’s me again, present day Ingus.

Remember when I wrote to you last year giving you the heads up on the pregnancy? Well I’m back at it again, now with more unsolicited advice, this time I’m giving you the heads up on preparing to be dad.

So here it goes:

While you have the great intention of planning and plotting how you will be as a parent, I’m here to tell you that you should just relax a little.

All those rules, and promises you’re making to yourself and your wife — it might be best that you just ease up on them a little.

Let me explain…

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Four Very Unscientific Signs Your Baby Has Reached Toddlerhood

Since my daughter was a baby, whenever I interacted with family, friends, co-workers, or strangers, they always say the same thing:

They grow up fast, enjoy every moment.

Well “duh”, I always thought.

From the moment we took her home from the hospital, to the first time she rolled over in her crib: her growing up fast was always obvious to me.

But the moment she transitioned from baby to toddler, it totally and completely caught me off guard.

It caught me off guard like poopie diaper smell: your kid just pooped one out right under your nose, but the scent only gets activated when they move away from you.

Toddlerhood is that poop smell.

In looking back, I’m trying to pinpoint a specific moment or point in time where she went from, innocent bumbling baby, to mischievous tyrannical toddler.

However, I realized that there wasn’t one moment, but rather a collection of telling signs.

I’ll spare the obvious and conventional stuff…you know the milestones that Babycenter or any other parenting newsletter/app tells you in a weekly email notification.

No, I’m talking about the other factors that books and experts don’t tell you.

So without further ado, here is my list of ways to tell that your baby is now a toddler.

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A Dad’s Review of the CozyPhone Active Bands

Disclosure: The Lycra Active Headband was sent to me from CozyPhones for the intent of a review and I was not paid for otherwise for this post.

Normally I write reviews from a dad’s perspective usually relating to my daughter, but this review was selfishly for me. 🙂

With the reality of having a dadbod, any gadget or gizmo to help with improving my physical health is truly welcomed.

So when CozyPhones contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing a pair of CozyPhones for kids, I told them that my daughter was too young to wear headphones, but I would be interested in an adult pair.

And with that, they sent me a their Active Lycra Headband, which was perfect for me, since for the past half year or so I’ve shifted towards this health movement as a dad.

Being healthy has been on my mind for quite some time now, and what better way to get my butt off the couch than to commit to test and review something that would encourage me to exercise.

After a month of testing, here is my review of the CozyPhone Active Lycra Headband.

To start, like for all my reviews, here is the TL:DR:

If you can overlook the rather tacky logo, get these headbands if you enjoy listening to music/podcasts during your outdoor activities. The design and function of these headphones serves its purpose well, as it allows you to focus on the activity and not fiddle with earbuds/headphones.

If you want to get a better sense of whether or not these headbands are worth getting, please read on, as I’ll explain below.

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Basketball Dadiaries: Week 3

I’ll try to keep this short, since last week’s post was unnecessarily long.


We won!


Although our victory came from having two solid subs contributing, we still won.

Our team was firing on all cylinders (on our standards), with shots going in and lucky bounces, but we’ll take it, since we would’ve been the only team without a victory.

It wasn’t a convincing victory or anything, but we still did a great job in maintaining the lead throughout the game.

Both my friend and I are in better shape than the previous week, and hopefully things only get better conditioning wise.

Last Friday I managed to go and play some pickup at the local community centre, I was terrible, but it really helped with the conditioning.

Honestly, when you start from zero every opportunity to get more reps helps.

I’ve recovered from my injured index finger, only to newly injure my shooting hand pinky while going up for a rebound. My wife told me that perhaps this is a high being telling me I shouldn’t play: Continue reading “Basketball Dadiaries: Week 3”