Stage Fright

Well aren’t you a little tease?

There we were, all ready and doing the ultrasound to finally find out your gender, and you decide to keep it to yourself and stay flat on your belly.  Talk about stage fright!

That’s okay…we’re all entitled to be a little bit nervous or shy.  Heck, I choked during a grade three Christmas recital while only having to sing two sentences of the song: “Somebody Snitched on Me.”  I clammed up and just blanked out in front of my entire school and your grandparents.

Trust me as my kid, choking and getting stage fright sort of runs in the family, so no pressure on my end here as it’s almost expected.

But how about this, for the follow up ultrasound next week, if you show us the goods, I’ll buy you ice cream when you’re born??

[Yes I just negotiated with my unborn child with ice cream, this dad thing is going to work out just fine]

Oh, by the way kid, there’s also another thing I should let you know that runs in the family:




So that ice cream that you’ll get, it’s going to have to be low in fat and sugar, so it’ll likely taste awful.

[So what I did there, I used manipulation during the negotiations.  Maybe I am cut out for this.]