Mr. Tickle: A Storybook Review

Imagine you had an abnormally long body part, and you went around places bothering people with your unusually long bodily appendage…And you got away with it.




That doesn’t sound right, does it? That probably sounds like a really inappropriate story. Well that’s pretty much the essence of this Mr. Tickle book.


Originally written by Roger Hargreaves in 1971, Mr. Tickle was the first book of the Mr. Men series. The story was inspired by Hargreaves’ son when he asked what a Tickle was.

The book starts off pretty chill with Mr. Tickle using his extraordinary long arms to do every day stuff, like grabbing a snack from the downstairs fridge in bed. Reading this the first time I immediately thought, “Damn, imagine if this guy played for the Raptors.” Then I realized they already had a guy like that on the team in Bruno Cabloco.

The Toronto Raptors’ Mr. Tickle

After that basketball related digression, I continued to read and that’s when things in get weird and questionable. As Mr. Tickle starts his day, he decides that he’s going to abuse his god-given abilities by going around tickling random people. The craziest part in the book is when Mr. Tickle actually goes to a school, hides under a window, and starts using his crazy long arms to tickle the teacher through a window in front of children.

Hi Kids!
Hi Kids!

The page in the book actually says the following:

“Eventually Mr. Tickle came to a school. There was nobody around, so, reaching his extraordinary long arms up to a high window ledge, Mr. Tickle pulled himself up and peeked in through the open window.”

Damn…Mr. Tickle’s got some

Most of the stuff happening here would not fly in modern day.  The book is a cute book, with cute drawings as you expect from a Mr. Men series story book for kids. But, wow, the premise was certainly made for a more innocent and simpler time.

I know, I’m overreacting and a bit immature, but Mr. Tickle himself knows what he’s doing. in fact in one part of the book, he basically says F’the police and starts tickling a traffic cop causing a huge traffic jam. He know’s what he’s doing, and he doesn’t give a damn about it.

"F'the Popo." -Mr. Tickle

I won’t spoil the rest of it but basically the dude goes on a rampage with his tickles.

Creepiness aside, this book is a must have for any parent who is looking to read a quick and silly story to their kid. Reading it before bedtime is probably not the best idea since there’s a tickling promptat the end of the book. So if you’re trying to calm your kid for bed – tickling is probably the last thing you want to do.

However, in terms of zaniness and entertainment value for the parent that’s reading it, it certainly one that I would recommend. While reading you can imagine all the ridiculousness this Mr. Tickle fellow has to offer.

Readability: 3/5 – Very easy read, but as a dad who loves doing accents, I wish there were more character lines.

Entertainment Value for Parent: 5/5 -I giggled and raised an eyebrow as the story progressed – great entertainment value for me.

Visuals: 4/5 – The pictures are not too colourful but some of the animations are one of a kind and fun.

Overall: 4/5 – This book has lasting appeal and really gives the parent something to giggle and chuckle in their head while reading.






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