Easing Into the Holiday Spirit: Santa And His Super Hero

Since diving into this Dad blogging universe, I’ve been given incredible opportunities to work with different companies and dads to either promote or spread their messaging.

Often times, I am fortunate enough to be sent items to either test or keep. This is something that I am tremendously grateful for, and it is something that was totally unexpected when I first started this whole dad blog thing.

But sometimes, it is not just about getting tangible things – sometimes what I get out of connecting with others goes beyond that.

This is something that goes beyond.


Earlier this week, a dad reached out through the site and asked if I wanted to spread the word on a book that he and his son wrote together. As a now avid book reader to my daughter, how could I say no to that?

In speaking to Keven, he gave me a bit more background on what he was doing with this book, and it was something that went beyond just promoting a story. Net proceeds of the sale of his book will go to the BC Burn Fund – which is pretty awesome.

After we spoke Keven had sent me the rest of the details of this campaign which you can find at the end of this post. Feel free to check it out, as 1), the story is pretty darn cute; and 2) it’s for a great great cause.

I have to admit, I’m too keen on celebrating Christmas this early in the year. But spreading the word really warms up the Grinch inside of me.


Here’s Keven’s email and the full details of his book Santa and His Super Hero:

My website is http://www.santaandhissuperhero.ca  .  I have a ”School” page on there that is actually the give-away page. http://www.santaandhissuperhero.ca/schools  The intent of this page is for schools to give the book to their students as a gift.  After filling out the form it will take you to another page that will have the link for the Kindle version as well as the downloadable PDF.  This page will be completed by the end of the day.  My goal is to give away more than 1 million copies next weekend of the eBook.

The books available at CreateSpace at http://bit.ly/SantasBook.  This is the preferred method of distribution as this will give the BC Burn Fund a bit more money.  I also have a promo Code that is valid thru December 15th for 10% off the printed version of the book.  That promo code is KJZ82H62

The Kindle version is available on Amazon.ca at http://bit.ly/SantaBookCanada  The eBook will be free from November 25th to November 29th.  The price of that book is $6.70CDN

Both the Kindle version and the printed book are also available on Amazon.com at http://SantaBookUSA  Again the eBook will be free from November 25th to November 29th.  During that time, Amazon will also be giving out a number of books randomly to shoppers who get the printed copy.

The price on Amazon.com for the eBook is $4.95 and the printed book is $10.95.