Diddy’s Kongquest

When I was in Grade 2, I really really wanted Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest for Christmas.

Classic gaming. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

What was more crazy is, I knew my mom bought it for me for Christmas that year.  If my memory serves me right, I don’t even think my mom bothered to wrap the game.  It was there under the tree, waiting for me.

I don’t remember wanting anything more as a kid, than to just play the game.  But I knew had to wait. And I remember preparing my mind to focus on Christmas day knowing that I will be able to play until my eyeballs fall out.

I knew it was going to happen, but it would take time and patience.



We’ve been trying to have a kid for the past five months.  And although I’ve been told that five months is relatively short, and other couples try for years, this has taken quite a toll on myself and more so my wife.

If I can summarize our feelings for each month of trying with one word it would be the following:

1st month – Excitement

2nd month – Determination

3rd month – Weary

4th month – Fearful

5th month – Uneasiness

So when my wife came out of the doctors office and found out that the pelvic pains she was getting was due to her being pregnant. I’ll always remember that look.

It’s the same look as when I was waiting and watching her come down the aisle.  It’s also the same look of when she said yes when I asked her to marry me in the bedroom of our first house on top of two dusty blankets, a pizza, and some Haagen Dazs ice cream.

That was the moment for me, and it’s a moment that I’ll stamp and file away along with those other looks.

Now I know it’s risky to get ahead of ourselves, but it’s so hard not to get excited. We are preparing our mindset.  And although I do not what tomorrow, next week, or next month will bring.

I do know one thing: I got my game way before Christmas.

This website will be my way of documenting this new step and new chapter of my life, where I will become a father.

(Holy shit. That is one strange thing to admit.)