PR Requests

Dad Mode: On – A note to brands and PR agencies : Why we should work together!


I’m based in Toronto, Canada. I’m PR friendly and happy to consider any requests, so please contact me through any of the social networks mentioned on this site if you’d like me to review or blog about a product.

I am particularly interested in toddler and lifestyle items, as well as technology and educational toys. But I will be open minded to whatever it is you want me to write about.

I am part of a network of other daddy bloggers and have in the past organized outreach and viral campaigns as I know other moms and dads who would be keen to test your products.

This is a recent fashion review for Jord Woodwatches where I ran a month long campaign through my Instagram and Twitter account.

You can probably tell from my website or social media pages that I like to get pretty creative with my photography.
Having the professional photography equipment certainly helps, but knowing how to have fun with the product while making it unique to my brand is even more important.  – Here you will find samples of product shots that I’ve taken, as well as some branding shots.


I particularly like independent and up-and-coming brands, kids’ fashion, all-natural baby products, fun and interesting toys and so on.

So if you have any products suitable for a toddler girl or a 30 year old dad who loves writing and playing with gadgets then please contact me through the form below!



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