A Dad’s Review of the CozyPhone Active Bands

Disclosure: The Lycra Active Headband was sent to me from CozyPhones for the intent of a review and I was not paid for otherwise for this post.

Normally I write reviews from a dad’s perspective usually relating to my daughter, but this review was selfishly for me. 🙂

With the reality of having a dadbod, any gadget or gizmo to help with improving my physical health is truly welcomed.

So when CozyPhones contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing a pair of CozyPhones for kids, I told them that my daughter was too young to wear headphones, but I would be interested in an adult pair.

And with that, they sent me a their Active Lycra Headband, which was perfect for me, since for the past half year or so I’ve shifted towards this health movement as a dad.

Being healthy has been on my mind for quite some time now, and what better way to get my butt off the couch than to commit to test and review something that would encourage me to exercise.

After a month of testing, here is my review of the CozyPhone Active Lycra Headband.

To start, like for all my reviews, here is the TL:DR:

If you can overlook the rather tacky logo, get these headbands if you enjoy listening to music/podcasts during your outdoor activities. The design and function of these headphones serves its purpose well, as it allows you to focus on the activity and not fiddle with earbuds/headphones.

If you want to get a better sense of whether or not these headbands are worth getting, please read on, as I’ll explain below.

I will breakdown this review in three areas, what I liked, what I didn’t like, and overall comments on the headphones.

To get an idea of whether or not these headbands are for you, I mainly used these headbands for three types of physical activities: jogging, shooting a basketball around a basketball court, and doing yard work.

So to get started, here are things that I liked about the Lycra Active Headbands.

What I liked



Here’s something that always happens to me whenever I exercise with normal earbuds on:

I’m on a nice long run, going at a great pace. I’m in sync with the music I’m listening to and it’s matching the beat of every footstep and arm movement.  Then suddenly one of my earbuds pop out.

No problem I think to myself, I still have the other one in.

Then moments later, the other pops out too.

I slow down, reach for the ear buds and try to continue with the pace.

Of course at this point I lose any momentum I have, and whatever pace and speed I was tracking then becomes moot.

Theres nothing worse than getting interrupted during a workout, and it’s even worse if it’s something that you can prevent from happening.

While running with the Lycra Active Headbands, I actually didn’t come across this issue. I was able to just focus on what I needed to do, and that was exercise carefree. I didn’t have to worry about the headphones popping out, and I didn’t have to worry about catching a dangling earbud.

The headband simply works, and that’s something that I really appreciated.

There’s no special secret to how the headbands work, it’s basically a headband with adjustable soft speaker pads around the ear area.

But because it’s such a simple concept, it presents a very simple and practical solution.

Design and Material

When I exercise, my head gets pretty hot, because of this I was please to notice that the headband material was fairly breathable.

When I tested the headbands, I wanted to test it in the cooler Canadian weather. But as luck would have it, we experienced one of the hottest Septembers in recent history in Toronto. While I did try to go out for a jog in 30 degree celsius (about 86 Fahrenheit) with these on, it did prove that it was a little too hot despite the breathable material it’s made out of.

As the temperature cooled down to a 15-20 degree celsius (59-68 F), this is probably the ideal temperature to workout in with these headphones on. I’m actually looking forward to it being even cooler as I would love to wear these on a cool crisp run.

Breathable Mesh Material

The design of these headphones are simple, and the materials that it’s made out of appear durable enough for longtime use. The material is not too thick, and after a good 15 minutes of exercising I was please to feel that the headband material did not feel like it was smothering my head.

In the past I’ve jogged with clip-on headphones and for longer distance runs my ears actually start hurting. I’ve also jogged with bulkier headphones, but face it, it was more so for me to look cool than to be practical.

With these headband being lightweight it really does make wearing them quite seamless.

And in checking with CozyPhones, washing them is quite easy:

  1. Remove speakers
  2. Wash on cold, gentle cycle
  3. Air dry flat

Very simple.

Sound Quality and Affordability

At the sale price of $20USD, it’s actually a pretty good bargain to find a set of headphones with a purposeful use. While I’m far from an audiophile, I was pretty pleased with the sound quality of these headphones, as they were loud enough without compromising sound quality.

Would these replace my regular headphones during my commute?

Possibly, if it is cold enough outside, but for sure they are now my go-to when I go out to do yard work. With it only being only $20USD on sale, it is not a steep price to pay to get them replaced should they break.

Overall those were the three areas that I liked about the headphones. These headphones are not perfect, but they really do the job well enough to justify purchasing.

So why are they not perfect? Let me explain…

What I Didn’t Like


Okay, there’s no nice way to put this, but there is one complaint that I have and it’s pretty superficial: the appearance and placement of the logo.

The CozyPhone tag that is stitched at the front of the band just looks…a little tacky.

It doesn’t impact the performance, nor does it reduce sound quality, it just doesn’t look aesthetically subtle enough.

The logo stands out too much

I understand that most companies want to show off their logo to spread the word about their product (especially with one that is unique), but it’s just a bit too much.

Perhaps in a future iteration, the logo will look a bit sleeker and low profile, but for now you just have to bear with. I suppose if it really were to bother you, you could unstitch the logo and have a very discreet pair of headband/headphones. It might be something to consider, should it really bother you.

No Microphone

On the topic of future versions, what I would like to see for future versions of this headband is perhaps a microphone component.

With most of us using our phones as the main music player, it would be nice to have this function, should someone call. I know that with an added microphone the price would likely go up, but if these headphones were serious about being a go-to choice for people to use a microphone option would make a strong case.

Final Thoughts


Overall, I am quite pleased with the CozyPhone Active Lycra Headphones. From a no thrills and functionality standpoint, I am not disappointed.

It serves it purpose and serves it well, allowing you to not have to fiddle with cumbersome earbuds other types of headphones.

If you can get it on sale, it is a great gadget to use as an alternative to other headphones–especially if you exercise outdoors, or do things around the house.

The material feels nice and breathable, and most importantly it just works. If you can get over the large tacky logo, this would be a good buy for you.

As a new dad, this is exactly what I needed to help me kickstart a fitness movement. The excuses of having to fiddle with my earbuds, causing me to slow down my exercise are no more.

These are not life changing or revolutionary, but it brings enough to the table to justify a purchase.


If you have any questions regarding the Lycra Active Headbands, feel free to leave a comment below or message me on Instagram or Twitter, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading!