Basketball Dadiaries: Week 3

I’ll try to keep this short, since last week’s post was unnecessarily long.


We won!


Although our victory came from having two solid subs contributing, we still won.

Our team was firing on all cylinders (on our standards), with shots going in and lucky bounces, but we’ll take it, since we would’ve been the only team without a victory.

It wasn’t a convincing victory or anything, but we still did a great job in maintaining the lead throughout the game.

Both my friend and I are in better shape than the previous week, and hopefully things only get better conditioning wise.

Last Friday I managed to go and play some pickup at the local community centre, I was terrible, but it really helped with the conditioning.

Honestly, when you start from zero every opportunity to get more reps helps.

I’ve recovered from my injured index finger, only to newly injure my shooting hand pinky while going up for a rebound. My wife told me that perhaps this is a high being telling me I shouldn’t play:


Another Hand Injury

Before the injury I think in total I took 4 shots and made 2 or 3. So not bad, compared to the 0 made from last week, and the 0 from a pick-up game on Friday.

I know this sounds really dorky, but throughout the past week I started watching some YouTube videos on improving shooting. And to my surprise it actually worked.

The main focus was following through with my middle finger and angling my elbow so that it meets my eye level after each shot. In the limited opportunities that I was able to shoot, it actually worked.

When I mean limited opportunities, I really mean it – – I didn’t even get to warm up or anything since I showed up late.

Since it was another 7:00pm game I show up about 5-10 minutes late and the game had already started.

Why was I late? Parenting duties of course. My priority is daughter first, then basketball.

I know it seems weird to emphasize this, but this is actually a stark contrast from my university days. Let me explain with of course another another digression….

Back then, I would have mostly night classes. I hated the notion of waking up early to go to class, so I made it so that all my courses would be at night.

The problem was, I was a huge Raptors fan. I was a die hardcore-gotta-watch-every-single-game fan. I would record the games during class and watch it when I got home. This included those ridiculous 10:30pm west coast games that ended at 1am.

I was dedicated  obsessed.

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If I didn’t get a chance to watch it that night I would avoid all media relating to the game until I watched.

Basically I was a little obsessed and plenty annoying as person. My girlfriend (now wife) accepted how I was, but there were times where I would pout and get mad over missing a game to spend time.

Writing that out was embarrassing, but I think it just shows how much has changed since then.

Call it maturity, or just a change in perspective on what is more important, but it was likely not a healthy lifestyle to continue with, but it also makes me happy with how I am now.

When people say your priorities and principles change when you have kids, it’s true.

With my daughter’s bedtime routine starting at 6:30, my priority is to spend every possible non-working moment with her.

I understand that doing this is a luxury compared to other parents, but for me this is what I see as utmost important. I know for some other parents, it may not be a big deal to take some time and do something for themselves, but for me it is a big deal.

I also know my wife can do the whole bedtime thing without me, but throughout the course of being parents, we tag-teamed the entire routine and it wouldn’t feel right to not do it as a team given the choice.

This whole playing basketball ordeal is really huge for me as I honestly wrote off this part of my life. But now that I’m finally doing it, I feel really good about actually doing it.

I’m extremely grateful to my wife (and daughter) for letting me go with it and I hope good will come out of this. (Hopefully less injuries)


Until next week.