How To Hack a Pampers/Huggies Wipes Container

Do you hate choosing sides? When my wife and I try to figure out what to eat, we need to factor in a 10 minute discussion period for: “It doesn’t matter, what do you want to eat?”

You know what else is terrible in making you choose?

Baby wipes.

Couldn’t they just make it a standard size? The containers are never the correct size. STOP MAKING US CHOOSE!!!

You don’t see different size Coke and Pepsi cans from vending machines.

Any ways, while refilling the Pampers wipe boxes, I noticed that the Huggies wipes do not dispense nicely. Every time I need to grab one for a change, I end up having to pluck it out with my fat Dad fingers. This is risky business especially when I need to concentrate holding down the baby as well as avoid any pee/poop splatter she has in store.

The fact is, I need the diaper changing experience to be as quick and easy as possible.

Y U DO DIS?!??
Y U DO DIS?!??

So with some dad-ingenuity I realized that if you simply rotate the wipes 90 degrees it’ll come out much nicer!

Just like The Rock used to say: Turn it sideways…

Though you can’t refill as much, it’s less of a pain in the butt to have to pluck with your fingers to pull up the wipe. By doing this you almost reduce needing to pluck by a half, which is awesome compared to every freaking time.


Happy wiping!