To Be A Photographer’s Daughter

We get to choose our friends, but not our family.

Is your best friend getting dorkier? Simple: upgrade with a cooler one. Why else are there Snowball 2′s and Comet Jr. Jr’s?

With family members however, your choices are limited, as you pretty much have no chance of replacing them for a better model.

Unless there was some karma lottery system that newborns got to participate in before coming out of mom, your baby is pretty much stuck with you and your family.

And so this is what my Daughter won from the karma lottery:


This was taken on January 7th – when my daughter was 13 days old. Annnnnnd that’s me, all 200 lbs of new-dad hovering over my daughter. Of course I’m balancing on the edge of the bed with a camera in one hand. In hindsight and writing that out just now, that’s pretty dangerous. But hey, that’s the life that was chosen for her. (I would like my 2016 Father-of-the-Year Award sent to my home address please.)

While yes, it was probably dangerous for me to put her in that environment, I don’t regret any of it. I really think that most people would want to know how their life was like before they can even remember stuff. And what better way than to have their father document these early years by taking silly photos of them?

I just had a conversation with my wife about what our earliest memories were, and we really couldn’t think earlier than maybe two years of age. Even then the memories that I have seemed like a combination of old photos I remember seeing and my own imagination.

If there’s one thought that has repeatedly come up the past few years, it’s that I always wanted to know how my parents were when they were our age. No, I don’t mean the embellished and distorted stories that they occasionally tell me, I want to know at a raw level who they were, and what really happened. I hope that one day if/when Charlie does wonder about the 30 year old mom and dad, she’ll at least have the option seeing this.

Some new parents blog, some tweet, and some vlog their experiences with their newborn. I think this comes the most natural to me; and that is putting my 7 lbs 14oz bundle of joy under a 200 lbs bumbling buffoon.


Oh and the results of this shoot, I must say turned out pretty neat.