You’re Not a Boy!

“Yep, it’s a girl” – Ultrasound Technician


My jaw dropped like a Bugs Bunny cartoon character and your mom welled up instantly.


What went on in my mind in real-time

“That’s crazy!” – *This girl is going to be grounded until she’s 20.*

“Wow!” – *She’ll start dating when she turns 30*

“This is totally unexpected, what a surprise!” – *Background checks, family history checks, criminal record check, and credit check any boy she talks to will need to do these things first.*

What went on in your mother’s mind in real-time

“OMG, no way!” – *We have to go to the mall today to buy cute girl clothes!*

This was totally unexpected.

Kid, if and when you read this in the future, just know this:

Your mother and I love how you’ve grown up to be a wonderful daughter…despite the fact that we were sure you were going to be a boy. 


Seriously, what a curve ball that got thrown at us.  (I guess those were the only balls thrown…heh)

Our entire mindset up until this point has been set up to anticipate you being a boy.  I even had a conversation about getting you circumcised!

Ever since the third month and on, we were certain the signs pointed to you being a boy.  I mean you went against the Chinese Lunar Predictor!  That thing is supposed to be 95% accurate and you proved it wrong!  Take that Traditional Chinese Predictor, you stink just like your medicine!

You’ve also been a very active baby according to your mother, and we thought only a boy could be this active.  (As a matter of fact, while I am writing this, you are kicking inside of your mom right after she turned to her left side.)

But according to other signs, you told us you were going to be a girl all along.  For starters your mom’s belly shape is fairly round near the sides, which usually means a girl.  Along with that, she developed quite a sweet tooth, and this according to Chinese tradition means two things, a) you’re a girl and b) you’ll probably be diabetic.  (This does run in the family :|). You’ve also caused mom to break out a little as well another sign of a daughter.  She still looks great, but you’ve been really giving her a hard time.

One thing I’ve learned is, through all of these predictors, at the end of the day it’s basically a 50% guess so it’s really not that hard to get right or wrong.  But know this, at this very moment I’m 100% glad that you are who you are and we feel incredibly lucky to have you in our lives.

Boy or girl, to quote Mariah:  “You’ll always be my baby.”